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Viscoelastic Measurement Based on Surface Deformation of Soft Tissue.

[ Abstract ]
It is important that the evaluation of soft tissue with coupling effect where the tissue is deformed not only at the force applying point but also at its surrounding area without any force impartment. We often evaluate the stiffness of the tissue as the stiffness is defined by the displacement divided by the external force. However, we cannot evaluate the nonlinearity caused by the coupling effect. So we newly developed the deformation model with 4 viscoelastic parameters where the model can express the coupling effect and nonlinearity. And we also build up the parameter estimation method of the model as a linear inverse problem. Through the experiment of human skin, we can confirm the parameter estimation works and the model can nicely express the deformation of human skin.

Deformation of the model.iClick to play the movie.j


Deformation of the model.


Deformation comparison between human skin and the model with estimated parameters.

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