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Stiffness evaluation focused on coupling effect

Displacement and deformation

  Stiffness is an important index exhibiting how much an object transforms easily by an external force. So far, it has been evaluated only by the displacement as shown in figure (a). However, when we apply a force to the elastic body, it transforms not only the point where the force is given but also its surrounding area. The former works have not been discussed the deformation of the surrounding area. This work discusses the stiffness measurement by considering the coupling effect where the deformation of the surrounding area is included. We newly developped the dynamic deformation measuremnt system, as shown in figure (c), where it is composed of two units: A high speed solenoid valve which controls the air flow for applying force into the object, a high speed camera which aquires the deformation of object with less than 10[ms].

Dynamic sensing of human skin deformation

MPEG Movie(0.5M)

Deformation of human skin under air jet

WMV Movie(0.3M)

Deformation of human skin by using a high speed camera

WMV Movie(0.3M)

Extraction of deformation by using a slit laser (blue: 20's, redF70'sj
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