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Dynamic Capturing Strategy for a Stick-Shaped Object Based on Friction Independent Collision

[ Abstract ]

  This work proposes dynamic capturing strategies where a 2-D stick-shaped object with both translational and rotational velocities is completely stopped by two robotic fingers. We first introduce the friction independent collision where the contact friction does not influence the object's motion under an arbitrary friction coefficient. Then, we show the fingertip position and the object orientation for generating a desired translational velocity or a desired rotational velocity under the friction independent collision. Once the object results in a pure translational motion whose direction is perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of object, it is guaranteed that two fingers can always capture the object irrespective of friction coefficient. By using this nature, we show both 2-step and the 3-step capturing strategies for a 2-D stick-shaped object. The 3-step capturing strategy can guide the object in an arbitrary direction to be easily captured, while the 2-step one can do it only in a particular direction. By using a two-fingered robot hand with the assistance of a high-speed vision system, the proposed strategies are demonstrated for verifying our idea.

MPEG Movie(4.7M)

Experimental system.

MPEG Movie(1.8M)

Elimination of rotational motion or translational one.

MPEG Movie(13.9M)

Friction independent dynamic capturing strategies (2-step and 3-step).

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