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Dynamic Manipulation Inspired by Handling of Pizza Peel

[ Abstract ]

  This work discusses a dynamic manipulation for an object on a single gripper plate. The work was inspired by manipulation of a pizza by human. Both the position and the orientation of object are dynamically controlled. The main driving force for manipulating the object is produced by the combination of inertial and frictional forces. We first explain how to control the object for the desired position and orientation. We then show a couple of experimental results for confirming the basic idea, where we utilize a high-speed single gripper with an assistance of a high-speed vision.

MPEG Movie(5.8M)

Manipulating a pizza by human.

MPEG Movie(4.4M)


MPEG Movie(3.6M)

Translational manipulation.

MPEG Movie(6.5M)

Rotational manipulation with competing motion for disturbances.

MPEG Movie(6.0M)

Manipulation towards desired position and orientation.

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