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Jumping Robot Using Light-weight High-speed Actuator.

[ Abstract ]

  This work discusses optimum design issues for jumping robots using light-weight high-speed actuator, in the sense that the robots can jump as high as possible. We explore jumping pattern for a serial link robot so that it can jump as high as possible under torque limitation. By applying GA for determining torque assignment, we obtain various jumping patterns with respect to the torque limitation under the mass of robot. With the increase of the torque limitation, double-leg based jump, single-leg based jump, and spring-type jump, are generated for high jump. Under the joint angular limitation, we also obtain an interesting solution where one end of the link is first lifted up and the other end finally kicks the ground strongly.

MPEG Movie(0.6M)

Jumping and capturing motion.

AVI Movie(8.0M)

Robot motion towards the maximum jump height

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