Hyper Robotics

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-- Dynamic Manipulation --

Nonprehensile Dynamic Manipulation of a Sheet-like Viscoelastic Object

  This work discusses a dynamic manipulation for a deformable object. We show how to increase the rotational speed of the manipulated object by using the self-deforming effect generated by the high-speed plate motion.

Nonprehensile Dynamic Shaping of a Sheet-like Rheological Object

  This work discusses a dynamic nonprehensile manipulation of a deformable object. We propose a shaping method for a thin rheological object.

Plastic Deformation Control towards Active Shaping of a Rheological Object

  This work discusses a plastic deformation control towards the active shaping of a rheological object by considering the characteristics of viscoelasticity. Focusing on the viscous element and the integral force, we propose a control method for generating the desired plastic deformation.

-- Former Works --
-- Food Handling Robot (Joint works with Mayekawa Mfg. Co., Ltd.) --

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