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Spherical Omnidirectional Wheel: gOmni-Ballh

[ Abstract ]

In this study, the basic mechanism of the gOmni-Ballh: Spherical Omni Wheel is presented. The Omni-Ball consists of two hemispherical wheels that separately rotate passively about a common axis through their face centers. The wheel assembly is actively rotated about a perpendicular axis. The radius of the passive rotational wheel is the same as that of the whole of the spherical wheel mechanism so that this wheel mechanism can have the high capability to climb steps compared with the previous omnidirectional mechanisms. In order to prevent the singular point of this mechanism, the barrel shaped wheel is mounted at that point and rotates passively. Actual prototype models of the Omni-Ball and an omnidirectional vehicle driven by Omni-Balls have been developed and, the basic experiments to confirm the motion of this vehicle have been performed.

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