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The 100G Capturing Robot

[ Abstract ]

  This work discusses the capturing robot with the maximum acceleration of 100G in design specification. We find the combination of the arm with the mass of 0.1kg and the spring capable of producing the initial compressed force of 100N, so that we can achieve the 100G. In order to reduce the total capturing time, we newly propose the Arm/Gripper Coupling Mechanism (AGCM) where the spring energy initially accumulated in the arm is transferred to the kinetic energy of the arm and continuously to the kinetic energy for closing the gripper at the capturing point without any time lag. The experimental results show the maximum acceleration of 91G and the capturing time of 25ms. Experiments on capturing a dropping ball are also executed with the assistance of the 1ms-vison.

MPEG Movie(1.6M)

The 100G capturing robot captures a dropping ball.

MPEG Movie(1.6M)

Slow motion.

MPEG Movie(1.7M)

Experimets with the assistance of high-speed arm and high-speed vision.

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